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Format phone book - SED - UNIX

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Format phone book - SED - UNIX Empty Format phone book - SED - UNIX

Post by Lucaci Andrei on Tue Mar 20, 2012 1:20 am

Write a SED command that formats all the phone numbers in a file, such as (0744) 123-456.
The phone numbers in the file can appear in any of the following formats:
0744 123456
0744 123 456

The numbers are in a file phone. The modified version is in the file newphone.
The SED command for this problem:
sed 's/\([0-9]\{4\}\)[ -]\?\([0-9]\{3\}\)[ -]\?\([0-9]\{3\}\)/(\1) \2-\3/' phone>newphone

The SED command in general, for any format or punctuation:
sed 's/\([[:digit:]]\{4\}\)[[:space:]]\?[[:punct:]]\?\([[:digit:]]\{3\}\)[[:space:]]\?[[:punct:]]\?\([[:digit:]]\{3\}\)[[:space:]]\?[[:punct:]]\?/(\1) \2-\3/' phone>newphone

The most general approach of this SED command:
sed 's/\([[:digit:]]\{4\}\)[[:blank:]]\?[[:punct:]]\?\([[:digit:]]\{3\}\)[[:blank:]]\?[[:punct:]]\?\([[:digit:]]\{3\}\)[[:blank:]]\?[[:punct:]]\?/(\1) \2-\3/' phone>newphone

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