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Request for moderator Empty Request for moderator

Post by Lucaci Andrei on Tue Apr 12, 2011 5:46 am

If you would like to help improving or to help with the maintenance of this forum, please fell free to fill out this form:

1. Name: First, Last:
2. Location/City/Country:
3. Age:
4. Do you posses any knowledge of how to maintain a forum? If so, how good are your knowledge? If not, are you available on learning how to maintain a forum?
5. How do you think you can help improving this forum? (at least 1 sentence).

Those who want to be part of the forum staff must have a forum account, and be active, with at least 10 helpful posts, otherwise your post will be desconsidered.
Lucaci Andrei
Lucaci Andrei
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